Middle Tennessee District Fair sponsored by Lawrenceburg Rotary 


SATURDAY, September 23

Little Miss Fairest of the Fair    (Ages   9-12)     12:00 PM
Junior Miss Fairest of the Fair  (Ages 13-15) 2:00 PM
MTDF Miss Fairest of the Fair  (Ages 16-20) 4:00 PM


SUNDAY, September 24

Tiny Tot Fairest of the Fair        (Ages 3-5)        2:00 PM
Tiny Miss Fairest of the Fair      (Ages 6-8) 4:00 PM



All Seats $8.00

  MTDF Season Pass Grants Access 

2023 Fairest of the Fair pageants will accept participants from Lawrence, Wayne, Giles, Maury, and Lewis counties. Any girl within the age guidelines who resides in any of these counties will be allowed to participate.

ANY MISS PARTICIPANT (16-20) ENTERING THE MTDF PAGEANT CAN NOT BE A MISS TITLE HOLDER (16-20) FROM ANOTHER FAIR. **This is a state rule from TAF due to Miss winners competing at the state level. **

If you have any questions please feel free to call Gina Old at 931-242-3625


Click Here For Sample Application


 2023 Rules and Application will be announced at a later date.

2022 Fairest of the Fair 


Alexus Belden


SATURDAY, September 24 

Contestant Little Miss Fairest of Fair   12:00 pm Junior Miss Fairest of Fair   2:00 pm Miss Fairest of Fair   4:00 pm
1 Jimma Gambrell Lorien Elizabeth McClure Anissa Rose Grimes
2 Ellie Anna Cromwell Avery Reagan Garrett Kendall Mattox
3 Adley Bea Whitten Tessa Blair Littrell Shae Klamert
4 Teegan Huls Karrigan Reese Bradburn Bailey Nicole Kilburn
5 Morgan Carroll Kierston Michelle Trull Jennifer Leigh Brymer
6 Isabella (Izzy) Nelson Emma Jane Tidwell Jaicey Prince
7 Alexa Crosby  (2nd R. Up) Maya Kathleen Keeton  (2nd R. Up) Morgan Armstrong
8 Joy Diane Allen Addison Mitchell Kenadee Belden
9 Hattie Grace Smith Cayley Crews Emma Grace Brindley
10 Zadie Davis Keegan Burns  (Winner) Alexus Belden  (Winner)
11 Cameron Lee Jackson  (Winner) Harmony Morris Hope Alizabeth Jones
12 Sofie Anna Grace Rich Emma Claire Gibson Atly Faith Emerson
13 Kyla Jayde Keener Kaitlyn Green  (1st R. Up) Morgan Bailey
14 Addilynn Klaire Caperton Colbey Dawn Fritts Kennedy Maylynn Bragg
15 Kaylee Shaye Hall    Kenlee Brooke Hall  (1st R. Up)
16 Lydia Faithann Caperton   Mattilyn Grace Brewer
17 Aniston Gordon  (1st R. Up)   Ripley Nikole Marston  (2nd R. Up)
18 Brinklee Smith   Alana Nicole Herring
19     Marianna Bell
20     Bri Nicole Walters
21     Taylor Quinn



SUNDAY, September 25

  Contestant Tiny Tot Fairest of Fair   2:00 pm Tiny Miss Fairest of Fair   4:00 pm  
  1 Karrington Spray Annsley Clemons  
  2 Taybrie Pearl Purcell Mary Grace Judd  (1st R. Up)  
  3 Westlynn Grace McVay Ella Reese Niedergeses  
  4 Phoebe Tate Arrowood Novalee Smith  
  5 Piper Sage Arrowood Kircey Campbell  
  6 Dakota Dawn Henkel Celina Temperance Cope  
  7 Amrianna Hardin Maebry Kate Smith  
  8 Berkleigh Claire Bivens Briley Lopp  
  9 Makenna Elizabeth Cooper Allie Claire Arnett  
  10 Sophia Claire Camp  (1st R. Up) Jaycee Elizabeth Hickman  
  11 Kimber Reese Johnson Joselyn Essaff  
  12 Brylee Wisdom Parker Etienne  
  13 Olivia Mae Buchanan Delaney Logan  
  14 Cadee Rebecca Stults Adalee Spanninger  
  15 Hadleigh Nicole Shaw Sloane Etienne  
  16 Kaizley Ezell Parker Reese Ellis  
  17 Ariella Driver Coralee Jane Daily  
  18 Evelyn Elisabeth Smith Madden Rose McDonald  
  19 Campbell Simmons Allie Mae Lee  
  20 Layla Grace Bryant Laikyn Alexandrea Maki  
  21 Josie Leigh Freeman Tunlee Gambrell  
  22 Lexa Littrell Cypress Rose  
  23 Maddie Caperton Kynleigh Reed  (Winner)  
  24 Adaline Brodie Luci Elizabeth Long  
  25 Kennedy Lindsey Penelope Butler  (2nd R. Up)  
  26 Josie Blake Staggs Avonlea Derryberry  
  27 Karlee Daniel  (Winner) Evie Reese Garland  
  28 Oaklyn Grace Horne  (2nd R. Up) Isabella Mota  
  29 Willow Rose Liles Ruby Harper Bush  
  30   Azriel Driver  
  31   EvaLynn Pettigrew  
  32   Rylee Dawn Belew  
  33   Mabry Ann Crews   
  34   Lilly Kate Howell  
  35   Brynlee Skye Gibson  
  36   Ivy Tate McDonald  
  37   Kaylon Ann Gray  
  38   Stella Lindsey  
  39   Teagan Hammack  
  40   Henley Grace Gillespie  
  41   Jozie Kate Stults  
  42   Aura Dee Weathers  


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