Middle Tennessee District Fair sponsored by Lawrenceburg Rotary 

General Rules Governing the Fair

1. Anyone participating in the fair in any capacity shall be subject to these rules and other rules as may be promulgated by the Lawrenceburg Rotary Club for the purpose of managing the fair. Refusal to abide by such rules shall be cause for exclusion from the fairgrounds and entrance to future events.

2. The Rotary Club will employ guards to patrol the grounds. Anyone trying to fraudulently enter the grounds by climbing fences, or by any other means, will be arrested and prosecuted.

3. No “pass-out checks” will be issued.

4. Children are positively forbidden to play in the vicinity of Stock Barns, Concession Booths, Agricultural Buildings, and Tents. There will be no running up and down steps of the Grandstand. Parents and those who have children in their charge are requested to cooperate with the Rotary Club in enforcing these regulations.

5. Intoxication of any person on the grounds will be just cause for their removal from the grounds.

6. Property of privileged and concession people or patrons will be taken on the grounds at their own risk and kept in such places as they themselves provide, or agree to, and the Rotary Club will not be responsible for any loss, damage, or theft of same. Also, the Rotary Club will not be responsible for failure to perform its’ part of the contract should officers of the law seize, or prevent any concessionaire or privileged person from operation.

7. No privilege or concession granted by the Rotary Club to any privileged person or concessionaire shall be construed as granting the privilege to sell anything or to do anything that is contrary to the laws of the City of Lawrenceburg, Lawrence County, the State of Tennessee, and/or the United States of America.

8. The Rotary Club reserves the right to cancel at any time, for reasons satisfactory to itself, any concession privilege, without reimbursement.

9. Right is reserved to inspect at any time any show, concession, booth, stall, or animal on the grounds.

10. All events, shows and competitive exhibits shall be held according to the rules published for that event. In the event that published rules for a specific event are in disagreement with these general rules, the rules published for the specific event shall apply.

11. Should a case arise not covered by these rules or the published rules for the specific event, it should be decided according to the rules of the association to which the class or breed may belong.

12. Competent judges will be provided. No one interested in exhibits or who is entered as an exhibitor in the same department will be eligible to judge.

13. In cases where one person makes his own competition, only one cash prize shall be awarded, to be based on merit of the exhibit according to the judges.

14. The Rotary Club reserves the right to declare off any ring or show.

15. No variation from the premium list as given in the catalog shall be allowed except for typographical errors.

16. Any misrepresentation in connection with any entry, by fact stated or omitted, will render such entry not eligible.

17. In no case will the name of the owner or exhibitor be allowed attached until after the premiums have been awarded.

18. Any exhibitor who publicly expresses disapproval of a judge’s decision, or who is guilty of conduct unbecoming an exhibitor, will be excluded from all exhibitions, his premiums forfeited, and he/she may be excluded from the grounds. Also, any exhibitor who enters an article and refuses to show, without good cause, may be subject to the same treatment.

19. Any exhibitor refusing to comply with instructions or request of superintendent or judges, or refusing to give information required, may be barred from such ring or any other exhibition and the fact made known.

20. All animals or articles exhibited on the fairgrounds shall be under the immediate charge of the superintendent for the class and shall be subject at all times to his orders, as well as the orders of the judges and show superintendent.

21. Hitching of animals and parking of vehicles will be only on spaces designated for this purpose.

22. No animals will be allowed to run at large on the fairgrounds.

23. All animals exhibited in competition must be under the control of the exhibitor at all times. Failure to accomplish this will result in the animal being excused from the arena.

24. Unless approved in advance by fair management, parking and/or use of motorized vehicles inside the MTDF perimeter is prohibited during operating hours. Approved vehicles will be issued an access permit which must be clearly displayed whenever the vehicle is inside the perimeter.

25. Access permits will be issued on a case by case basis to concessionaires or exhibitors who, in the sole opinion of fair management, have a legitimate operational need to have said vehicle inside the perimeter. Fair management reserves the right to designate parking arrangements, and to restrict vehicle movement on the fairgrounds. A permit fee may be required.

26. Vehicles participating in or operating in support of arena events are exempted from vehicle permitting requirements. These vehicles must remain in the arena or an adjacent parking area, and are subject to rules established by the arena event coordinator.

27. Single passenger, personal mobility vehicles (including motorized wheelchairs) operated by disabled persons are exempt from motorized vehicle permitting requirements.

28. MTDF assumes no liability for any vehicle parked or operated on the fairgrounds, either inside or outside of the MTDF perimeter.

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